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Mother & Daughter

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Cheryl’s GREEN CLEAN Services is here for you. My daughter Rachael and I opened our own cleaning business in Little Rock, Arkansas. We have years of experience cleaning homes, churches, and businesses.

Get to Know Our Company

In 2014 my Oncologist recommended cutting chemicals and toxins out of my life while dealing with breast cancer. After extensive research, we learned that many cleaning products in our homes have been linked as carcinogens. Who would want that?

Cheryl’s GREEN CLEAN Services uses the Áthos Living, and dōTERRA OnGuard cleaning products. These are non-toxic, plant based and eco-friendly


Áthos Living


dōTERRA OnGuard

Plant in a Pot


Our passion and goal is to provide a professional cleaning experience every time. While also protecting your health, and the health of your family.

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